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Elev8 Centers of New York is a modern organization focusing on the care and treatment of those suffering from substance and alcohol use disorders.
Our patients are our focus and we always put the quality of care above all else. Our medical facilities provide each step of care from the detox, medical assisted treatment, rehab and recovery therapy.

Every patient is cared for in a safe, comfortable setting with individually centered attention for those seeking a life without addiction.

A team of specialists and doctors compassionately guide patients on the road to their recovery. Our dual diagnosis approach treats compulsive behavior with a combination of scientifically proven treatments and activities. We guide our patients to rediscovering their inner strength and independence.
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Addiction treatment and detox process at Elev8 are based on a holistic, multidisciplinary approach that ensures our clients have access to the most comprehensive treatment available.

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Elev8’s commitment is simple. You will be treated with respect and compassion in a drug and alcohol free safe environment. You will receive the highest quality of clinical treatment to provide you with the necessary tools to commence your journey of recovery.
Our goal is your recovery from addiction and to set you on the path to living a healthy and productive life. To attain our goal, we take a holistic dedicated approach, encompassing a diverse set of programs which manage, support, and enhance well-being from within.
Elev8 is a substance abuse treatment facility that offers state of the art facilities and serene environments. We believe that the healing process needs to start from within, and we provide activities to help our clients develop their mind, body, and spirit.
At Elev8 you will have the support of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced and caring professionals. Our doctors, nurses, specialists, counsellors and admission staff always put quality care above all else.

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Our innovative treatments combined with a diversity of development programs and peaceful environment will get our clients onto the path of a healthy, happy, and wholesome life and a promising future.
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